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Leaflet: Employment of returnees

Under the project “Returnees under the Readmission Agreement and Migration Flows”, financially supported by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization developed and printed leaflets on Employment of Returnees under the Readmission Agreement. The leaflet is available in five languages: Serbian, Roma, Albanian, German and English.

New project: Young educated Roma and labour markets in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

As of March 2013, the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization is hosting a new project: “Expectations against exclusion: Young educated Roma and labour markets in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” initiated and implemented by Tatjana Peric, Social Research Fellow of the ERSTE Foundation from Vienna, and funded by the ERSTE Foundation.

Since the launch of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 – 2015, all around Central and Southeastern Europe, governments have initiated strategies and measures aiming at the improvement of the Roma situation in four key thematic areas: education, employment, health care and housing. The situation of many Roma, however, remains precarious, with entire segments of Roma population remaining poor, uneducated, unemployed and ghettoised.

Since monitoring and evaluations are largely lacking, especially when it comes to governmental projects, there are no clear indications on success in the implementation of employment-related measures. Successes appear to be few, and by far overshadowed by large numbers of Roma in need of (formal) employment. The governmental measures affect low numbers of Roma, and significantly fail to address the needs of certain subgroups within the Roma population, such as Romani women, as well as highly educated young Roma.

This shortcoming is particularly emphasized in the broader context of improving education levels among young Roma generations. Numerous education projects and scholarship programmes have increased the numbers of young Roma in high schools and universities. At this moment, there are already generations of fresh Roma graduates, with their numbers increasing by year, whose tertiary education has been strongly affected by affirmative action measures.

The problem, however, is the lack of opportunities awaiting these young Roma. In shrinking labour markets, there is already a scarcity of jobs. Roma, in addition, are faced by potential racial discrimination by employers. Furthermore, for those young graduates who manage to find their place on the labour market, their positions are in many cases relating thematically to Roma issues, and the instances of young educated Roma employed in professional positions that are unconnected to the Roma sphere is not common.

For these reasons, this research project would address the position of young educated Roma in the labour markets of two neighbouring countries: Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and explore their expectations vis-à-vis their actual experiences with employment issues. The publication of research results is expected in January 2014.

Eurodiaconia Annual General Meeting 13 - 15 June in Novi Sad

The 2012 Eurodiaconia Annual General Meeting will be held on 13 – 15 June in Novi Sad, Serbia and hosted by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation.

The theme for this AGM is based around the impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis. Eurodiaconia can see an impact on the services they provide, as thier three reports on [...]

EHO and the municipality of Odžaci signed a Contract on a project grant

On March 7th 2012, in the premises of EHO, the mayor of Odžaci, Predrag Cvetanović and the director of EHO, Vladislav Ivičiak, signed a Contract on a project grant agreed between two parties for purpose of implementation of EHO project “Social Inclusion and Improvement of Living Conditions of Roma in the [...]